Signode plastic strap helps keep the aluminium industry secure
The trend to switch from steel to plastic strapping continues to grow in the aluminium industry and nowhere was this more apparent than at the recent ALU Essen exhibition.

End of line process packaging specialists, Signode, recorded their busiest show for some time and the main focus of stand visitors was on Signode’s latest developments in both engineered plastic strap and the associated application machines and equipment.

For Signode, who have pioneered the shift from steel to plastic strap in the aluminium industry during the past ten years, this is both hugely satisfying and challenging, as aluminium smelters and producers increasingly seek to push the performance boundaries of Signode’s TENAX polyester strap and its power strapping machines and hand tool range which has led the company to develop even higher performance solutions – amongst them, 25mm and 32mm Tenax strap – to meet these demands.

Signode plastic strap helps keep the aluminium industry secure
Of all qualified enquiries received at the show 79% were for plastic strap/power strapping machines; 15% for hand tools, with just 6% for steel strap/power strapping machines, proving just how overwhelming the move to engineered plastic strap has become.

At ALU Essen, Signode’s main focus was on the new Z-32 modular strapping head range which is designed for use with Tenax polyester strap in 19mm, 25mm and 32mm widths, for securing aluminium ingots, billets, rod, coil and slab. Reaction to this new modular head was extremely positive with nearly 40 firm enquiries received and a programme of demonstrations being set up by the company. Significantly, interest in the BXT-2 battery powered hand tool was also very high. The current 19mm version will soon be joined by a 25/32mm version, giving processors both the power and operational flexibility to secure product – or simply replace loose or broken straps – anywhere in the plant on demand.

Commenting on ALU Essen, Rolf van Dam of Signode Metals said, “The aluminium industry has seen many changes in recent times, not least the progressive switch from steel to polyester strap. Signode were effectively the drivers of this change – our AK200 head proving to be the catalyst that illustrated how successful polyester strap could be for aluminium smelters and processors.

The reaction to our latest equipment has been extremely positive and confirms the industry now views Tenax polyester and Signode equipment as the packaging solution of choice.”

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