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Another Global first from Signode !
-------------- New GripPack Tools Launched --------------
After selling over 2.500 sets of GripPack tools globally since launch in 2014, Signode announces the launch of an additional tool to the GripPack range, the GripPack 34 Double Notch battery powered Sealer for use with 19 mm Steel strapping.

Weighing only 3.6 kg the GripPack 34 Double Notch is the world’s first and only battery-operated double notch sealer.

The tool has the ability to apply two notches at once to the strap and seal so substantiality improving the speed of work verses tools which have only a single notch.
The tool also offers the follow advantages over other tools:

Can be used almost anywhere - so maximum operating mobility

Extra-long life battery chargeability- as next generation Li-Ion technology

Easy for operators to use - Light-weight, state-of-the-art tooling design and comfort

Cost savings - Eliminates costly and cumbersome pneumatic lines

Improved work safety - light-weight no hoses to stumble over

Lower seal costs - as uses standard 34HOC push type seals

Secure packaging - improved joint strengths on seal joint verses single notch

Reduced overall costs – for maintenance and gives greater productivity

The GripPack 34 Double Notch Tool can be purchased individually or in a set with battery and charger and also in combination with the GripPack battery powered tensioner.

-------------- Extended SBM Machine Range Launched --------------
Launched back in 2013 the SBM range has bene consistently developed and extended to include more machine options to suit many customer needs in varying industrial applications. In order to take into account customer needs the range was extended to include SBM models with wider chute frames and a centreline strap sealing head.
The recently launched the SBM 2340 and 2344 series chuted strapping machines for 5mm Polypropylene (PP) strapping were developed for medium throughput operations and are equipped with the full range of options suitable for the heavy demands for the corrugated industry.
Running at up to 60 cycles a minute on the larger frame models 1650 x 500 mm the unit is fast enough to keep pace with any manual hand-fed or automatic bundling operation. In the corrugated segment it uses the industry standard 5 x 0,4mm embossed PP strapping type Dylastic® SBM 540 with 8.500 m per coil , for economy and more machine uptime. The variable strap tension up to 300N ensures stable bundle strapping with minimal product indentation and this assists in a zero-defect delivery of strapped bundles to end-users.
  SBM Machine Range Launched
In the fully automatic version the machine has bundle end-squaring, top load stabilization and also pending side squaring arm options to suit most customers’ demands. With capacity of up to 30 bundles per minute the SBM 1650 x 500 or 1250 x 500 mm chuted machines keep up well with bundle production. The small footprint of the machines enables it to fit into production lines and customer locations where space is at a premium.
For heavier duty applications such as in the Furniture sector, KD furniture, kitchen cabinets, logistics and distribution the SBM 4340 and 4344 models have also been added to the range. These units are available for 9 and 12 mm industry-standard embossed PP strapping such as the Dylastic® 940 and 1240 PP straps. For heavier duty applications requiring higher strap tension the machines can easily apply a tension of 450N.
The SBM range which is known for its extremely reliable operation and speed for all PP applications has been extended with these four new models. The machines suit customer demands for easy-to-use, highly reliable, low maintenance and the lowest TCO equipment available today. The SBM range comes with a one year or 1.000.000 cycle warranty whichever comes first.
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