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Plastic Strapping
Battery-Operated Tools
Battery-Operated Tools
BXT3 Next Generation
The BXT NG next generation battery powered strapping tools for 9-19 mm PP and PET strapping have a number of revolutionary world firsts in manual strapping tools. The BXT3 is designed to withstand the everyday rigours of industrial use over many years. New features include

Easy to use - Digital tool HMI Interface touch pad controls with new highlights for simple operator use and reduced training needs.

Secure packaging process - Favourite cycle settings for process repeatability - a world first !

Exact load securement - actual applied strap tension to the load indicated in display- a world first in a hand tool !

Easy to package sensitive products - Single finger strap tension speed control through finger pressure, so easy to position load protection etc when strapping
- again another world first !

Light-weight - the perfect balance to the tool makes it easy to use in all applications, vertically and horizontally without any operator fatigue issues.

Industry-proven high quality tool and parts - Swiss made for reliability, durability and lowest cost of ownership over the tool lifetime.

The heavy duty shock resistant tool housing ensures longevity and also provides maximum protection for the battery.
BXT3 Next Generation
Download Literature (BXT3) (3.14 MB PDF)
Download BXT3 Datasheet (872KB PDF)
Once Steel Strapping was the only solution Signode's Powerful BXT2-32 Battery Tool is, today, a genuine Plastic strap option.
The BXT2-32 battery tool was developed to give a hand tool solution to the increasing use of 25 and 32 mm High Strength Polyester strapping in heavy duty applications.

The first comment from most customers is often:
  • The amount of tension is unbelievable
  • We like the balance of the tool
  • The battery performance is much better that competition
  • Good to have a mobile tool that can handle these big straps
The BXT2-32 gives up to 200 strap cycles per battery charge. The BOSCH battery can be charged at any time. A 15-minute charge restores up to 80% of the battery's total power, whilst a full charge takes just 60 minutes. The strapping mode can be adjusted to suit the application and delivers a tensioning force from 2,500N up to 6,500N in high tension mode and from 1,000N up to 5,000N in low tension mode.
With its ergonomic design, the BXT2-32 is simple and comfortable to use. All tensioning, sealing and strap cutting operations are controlled by electronic push buttons in semi and fully automatic operation. Manual operation is also available.
The BXT-2-32 is available through Signode's 'Total System' programme which provides the tool, strap and expert service support in a complete system provision.
Signode - the top of innovation, as a heavy industry strapping specialist.
Download Literature (3.2MB PDF)