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Industry Specific Solutions >> Timber
Signode Europe offers innovative value added packaging solutions to the Timber (aka Lumber) Industry and the product range includes strapping for unitization and wrapping for product protection.
While steel strapping has been utilized for Timber load securement for nearly a hundred years, recent technological advancements have paved the way for strapping with high-strength polyester strapping. Polyester strapping provides several clear advantages over steel strapping in many Timber/Panel applications. Signode has been at the forefront of this change and developed the first generation of PET based strapping presses using the combination AK100/AK200 technology. More recent strapping head and machine technology developments, have brought the Z-20 based modular head system into the industry. This offers the customer reduced cost of ownership, more machine uptime, lower spares and service costs and greater equipment flexibility using the Z-20 modular strapping head based equipment.
Before converting steel strapping operations to plastic, however, it's important to have a Signode Timber Industry Specialist evaluate your application needs. With our team of industry specialists we design your complete pack. These solutions lead to greater productivity, optimization of safety, and cost reduction.
Signode designs manufactures and supplies strapping tools, semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines to apply packaging materials. A highly focused parts and service group provides customized service helping to lower your total cost of ownership.
To learn more about Signode plastic strapping and wrapping systems for Timber, please make your selection from the solutions listed.
Signode Solutions
Plastic Strap
Tenax® Polyester Strapping
High-Strength Tenax™ Polyester Strapping
Steel Strap
Magnus® Steel Strapping
Apex® Steel Strapping
Strapping Tool
VT-16/19 Pneumatic Combination Plastic Strapping Tool
BXT Battery Powered Combination Plastic Strapping Tool
SLP-58/34 Pneumatic Combination Steel Strapping Tools
Strapping Equipment
LPS Z-20
LP Z-20
SIG-RCM Series
SP Z-20
VSM Z-20
SBM 4301
Edge and corner protection
Litec Edge Protectors