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The SIGCorr Strapping Station for multipoint glued and crash-locked boxes
The Signode SIGCorr is the most advanced combined bundle squarer/strapper of its type currently available on the market. It is the most reliable and economical solution for the corrugated industry. Specific models are available to suit all requirements. The unit is a strapping station specifically developed for multipoint glued and crash-locked cartons packaging.
Every aspect of the Signode SIGCorr is designed to maximize productivity. All machines feature automatic squaring and strapping of up to 30 bundles per minute. When double strapped the capacity is 17 bundles / minute. A range of options are also available to ensure the machine is perfectly designed for each customerís unique production, product and their end-users requirements.
Download Literature (436KB PDF)
Download Literature-French (438KB PDF)
SIGCorr benefits are:
For strapping 3, 4 & multi-point glued boxes
User friendly, intuitive controls
Maximum machine uptime
Up to 30 bundles per minute
Significantly reduced bundle scuffing, marking during packaging
Easy access and simple strapping module removal
Highly profitable
Reduced personnel needs in semi-auto mode
Stable bundles
By accurate bundle compression & consistent strap tension
Case/Bundle Format change in less than 2 minutes, set-up from memory
High productivity
Quick format change and set up in under 2 minutes
Can store up to 2500 different box formats
Soft-touch product handling through driven belts no rollers
Can also handle RRP and SRP
Improved multipoint gluer speed & throughput as SIGCorr can handle more bundles
Faster ROI due to increased productivity at lower costs
SIGCorr takes the cases from the operator and processes the bundle and is flexible and adaptable to all specific product requirements
Reduced issues of repetitive strain injury, operator fatigue and improved overall workplace safety due to inherent machine design