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SBM 2340
The SBM range is the simplest most reliable operatorless strapping machine currently available in the corrugated industry. With 40% fewer parts compared to previous models it is also the simplest to use and maintain.
With industry leading features that raise productivity and reduce downtime, the SBM range offers the potential for production throughputs of up to 70 straps per minute.
By eliminating the use of belts, clutches or pulleys from the strapping head, wear parts have also been significantly reduced, creating a machine that combines easy maintenance with low cost of ownership.
Download SBM Literature (300KB PDF)
Download SBM 2340/44 Literature (300KB PDF)
SBM 2340
Automatic strap feed and refeed
Patented Signode technology ejects a mis-fed strap, then rethreads and continues strapping without minmal operator intervention.
Simple single direction strap feed
Out of strap feature
Automatically ejects the remaining strap tail at the end of each coil, eliminating the downtime required to remove excess strap in the machine.
Automatic strap loading
Strap is loaded automatically simply by the lift of a lever
Total accessibility
The strap path on the SBM range is fully accessible without the need for tools. Just raise the table top and lift the guide for access to the strap path. It's that simple!
  SBM 2340 Specifications
Cycle rate Up to 70 straps per minute depending on chute and pack size and conveyor speed.
Max. pack weight 35 kg on machine or conveyor
Strap size 5 mm Dylastic SBM 540 polypropylene strapping
Strap tension Adjustable from 10 N to 300 N
Electrical requirements 230 Volt, 1 P NE, 50 Hz
Weight Up to 300 Kg depending on model and options selected
Air supply 6 bar @ 6.5 L/cycle