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Z20 for Plastic Strapping
Signode's Z-20 modular strapping system improves on current strapping systems to bring a higher level of durability and productivity to brick packaging applications. Designed to reduce maintenance costs and accommodate faster production speeds, the Z-20 integrates Signode's latest strapping technology into a simple to operate and maintain brick packaging system that can improve profitability and reduce downtime for your operation.
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Z20 for Plastic Strapping
Features and benefits
Faster production
By moving the strapping head from the top of the cube to the side, we've reduced the cycle time from nine and one-half seconds to six seconds.
Safer operation
Operators can now access all necessary components without the use of heavy equipment or having to climb on top of the machine.
Tighter, safer brick cubes
By placing the strapping head on the side of the brick cube, a greater amount of tension can be applied to create a tighter, more uniform brick cube with higher retained tension. This provides increased stability to prevent brick cubes from sagging when transported by fork truck across rough terrain.
More reliable
Having the Z-20's strap joint placed on the side of the cube prevents joint breakage when sliding one brick cube across the top of another. The Z-20's proven sealless Z-weld friction joint yields superior shear strength and peel resistance to withstand even the toughest impacts without breaking.
No adjustments needed
The Z-20 can accommodate special production runs without making any strapping head adjustments, saving valuable time. Regular brick packs and half-packs can be interchanged during production runs without the need for changes or adjustments.
More efficient strapping
The Z-20's narrow, compact design allows the strapping heads to be mounted side-by-side. This saves time by enabling up to five straps to be applied simultaneously.
Easier to maintain
Constructed with fewer moving parts and more durable wear parts, the Z-20 is more cost-efficient and easier to maintain. There are no belts, pulleys or tolerances to worry about. Easy access to the strap path allows any operator to keep the system clean without special training or experience. Strap chutes are fixed for additional durability.