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Brick and Paver
Our protective packaging systems for the Brick and Concrete Paver Industries are centered around the material that ultimately secures loads for handling, shipping and storage - plastic or steel strapping. While, traditionally, steel strapping has been utilized for load securement, many recent technological advancements have paved the way for high-strength polyester strapping materials. Today most if not all major companies utilize Signode high-performance Polyester strapping for their brick and paver packaging needs.

Polyester strapping has proven to provide several clear advantages over steel strapping in brick and concrete paver packaging applications. Regardless of the material for the application or the plant layout, we offer a full range of application tools, equipment and accessories to complete your Signode strapping system. Please see the attached Signode products, services and solutions suitable for packaging your construction industry brick and paver products. Our Construction industry specialists are available to assist our customers in product evaluation and testing and in selecting the correct system for the application.
  Brick Solutions (459KB PDF)
  Paver Solutions (408KB PDF)
Z-20 Solutions (441KB PDF)
MH-H (405KB PDF)