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Roof Tile
Throughout the years, roof tile production line throughput levels have increased. Signode is offering packaging systems easily able to comply with these high production standards. Whether small bundles of 5-10 roof tiles or larger packs of up to 30-40 roof tiles which need to be secured, Signode uses plastic strapping as the ideal means to secure your products.

Strapping made of polypropylene or polyester are both used to secure smaller and larger bundles of roof tiles with fully automatic strapping equipment using well-proven modular head technology. The well-known Modular strapping heads provide high speed combined with high reliability matching today's production demands and is suitable for use with the heavier duty PP and PET strapping. Signode provides automatic solutions for different tile shapes and formats and production machine layouts from the various OEM suppliers.

Larger horizontal and vertical strapping installations also equipped with modular head technology can be used to secure full pallets with roof tiles. For the smaller roof tile packs in high speed lines where production requirements can be up from 15-30 bundles per minute Signode has its range of roof tile solutions using very high speed strapping machines to secure the small bundles using 9mm polyester strapping. These use the Signode patented modular head technology so successful in our brick systems and for container, general and graphics industry in highly demanding applications. Our proven modular systems can now tackle the demanding roof tile applications with ease.

To learn more about Signode plastic strapping systems for the roof tile Industry, see the solutions listed. For more in-depth advice and recommendations our Construction industry specialist are available to assist our customers in product evaluation and testing and in selecting the correct system for the roof tile end-of-line packaging application.
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